Sunday, 02.05.2004

Not so much happening in the last week. The most visible thing is that the ventilation pipes in the roof have appeared.

We bought a shredder machine last week, since we have so many piles of twigs lying around from the trees we have chopped up.

Finnish lesson

Leave/twig shredder = oksasilppuri

So we went to the section today to clean up and shred some twigs. Only problem is that the machine has a rim around the power plug and it doesn’t fit any of our extension cords… Grrrrrr. Plan B was to cut up some more trees and create more piles of twigs for next time. It was also quite hot today as well. In Helsinki it was about 15, but our section is further inland and quite sheltered from most of the wind, so in the yard it was about 20 and the cloud didn’t hide much of the sun, so working in the yard gets quite uncomfortable fast. Hopefully there is a bit more shade when the trees come out in leaf. Shouldn’t be long now, they are covered in buds and some leaves are appearing already.

Some pictures from last week. The ventilation system, poking through the ceiling and in the roof space.

Poking holes in the ceiling.   Nice shiney pipes.   Our attic.

Spring is making itself known now, with buds everywhere. Our snow pile was still surviving though, so we gave it a helping hand. Have to wait to next week to give the shredder a go.

Die snow die.   Darling buds of May.   1600 watts of whirling steel.