Saturday, 08.05.2004

A hot day and another one coming tomorrow.

Went to the section today and cleaned up some of the branches and offcuts lying around. Used our super choppy uppy machine that we got last week. Remember to get a power cable that fitted it as well. Didn’t make as much noise as I thought it would, but crunched up things very well. We got our very own wheelbarrow as well, in a matching shade of yellow no less.

Hot days work though, about 25 (the car said it was 35, but it was sitting in the sun). Will go out again tomorrow and finish off the bits and pieces left down the back.

Not much happening with the house at the moment. I think we are going to have a bit of a schedule crunch soon. Things have been slipping, what with people not turning up, etc. Hopefully it is sorted out a bit this week. A couple of things were done during the last week, the embedding of the water pipes in the polystyrene and some insulation around the edges of the walls where the concrete floor will cover. Also the steel reinforcing was done for the back patio.

The pictures, from the left two of the now recessed pipes, the insulation foam around the wall and our yet to be assembled wheelbarrow.

Recessed pipes, part one.   Recessed pipes, part two.   Foam insulation, concrete floor level.   Nice yellow wheelbarrow.

Everything has really started to turn sprout now. Compare these to two weeks ago.

Sprouting like there is no tomorrow, part one.   Sprouting like there is no tomorrow, part two.   Sprouting like there is no tomorrow, part three.