Wednesday, 14.04.2004

Busy time this week. So not much chance to add anything here.

Last weekend Pia’s parents were visiting and we were at the section Saturday and Sunday doing some cleaning up and chopping up the trees and cutting down some more. Seems to be a never-ending supply of trees at the moment.

House exterior is going up fast and work has started on the floor. But before the floor can go down all the water/sewage pipes have to be put in place. The holes have been dug for those and they should go down this week.

Were there again today as well. The weatherboards are almost completed now and the cladding on the underside of the eaves is half done as well. The builder is going to take a break for a couple of weeks once the exterior is finished and while the flooring is done and then he comes back to do the interior.

The pictures from the weekend. The house with most of the weatherboards up. The water/sewage trenches in the floor. Risto cutting more of those paju (willow) down and a panorama from the road side

Weatherboards almost up.   Holes in the floor.   Trees, trees, trees.   From the road side of the section.