Sunday, 25.04.2004

Not so much to do this weekend. Went out to the section on Saturday, another fine day, but a bit cold at first.

Only thing we had to do was to cover the windows on the inside with plastic sheeting. Probably this week the concrete floor will be poured and the plastic is to protect the windows from any splashes. Once we did that we cleaned up a few of the trees still lying out the back. Then we headed down to the lake to see how the spring thaw was getting on. Have a look at the pictures below.

Nothing happening on the outside of the house at the moment, but work is continuing on the pipes and floor. The hot/cold water pipes are in place now and during the week the rest of the floor heating system should be in place and then maybe the concrete will be poured. If not then that should happen next week. Currently the pipes are just lying on top of the polystyrene, but as far as we understand they should actually be embedded in it a bit so the mesh can lie on top.

The crushed rock that fills the foundations has been covered with two to three layers of polystyrene and the water pipes laid on top of that. Next will be a reinforcing mesh and the floor heating is wired to the mesh and the whole lot covered with concrete.

Coming up this week we also have an appointment with a kitchen/bathroom design place.

Some interior pictures from Saturday. The pipes are all in place for the bathroom, sink, showers, etc. The rooms are all marked on the polystyrene, not that it is visible on this picture though. The pipes all meet in the “technical” room where the heat pump is located. The open area is where the fireplace will eventually sit.

Almost hot and cold running water.   Would be a bugger to be colour blind.   All pipes lead to the little room.

In the yard things have dried out quite a bit already and spring is in the air, although some snow can be found it you try hard enough.

Drying out nicely.   Saving snow for summer.   Buds everywhere.   Spring's first flowers.

The lake has thawed out as well now, only a trace of ice left in the shadows to the right.

All thawed out.