Sunday, 04.04.2004

Went to the section today to clean up a bit and to meet with the guys doing the floor. They are the same ones who did the foundations (Lauri and Tapio). They should start quite soon, but first the water, sewage and radon pipes need to be done. Most of those pipes run under the floor, so they should be done as soon as possible for the rest of the interior work to start.

At first look the outside doesn’t seem to have changed much.

But around the back the framing over the boarding has been finished and some of the weatherboard put in place. It is all pre-undercoated in white and green. So sometime we have to paint it properly. The ground is drying out, but still quite soft, especially where it has been dug up. The snow is rapidly melting as well. Looks and feels quite odd. In the sun it is warm and the ground dry and there are still piles of bright white snow lying around. In the fields and other ground nearby, where it hasn’t been touched, there is still a blanket of snow several centimetres thick.


Quite a lot of destruction is apparent now that the snow is clearing. Summer will be busy clearing these trees from the section and doing a bit of landscaping. Probably put everything down in grass at first to hold down the dust and then worry about it again next summer (2005).

House show was a bit of a disappointment as well. Almost no kitchens there or anything like that. It was technically a house building/yard/cottage fair. We are sure that last time there was interior things as well, but this year there were house building companies, heating installation companies, whiteware/TV, etc and wall fitted vacumn cleaners. Very strange. The next show that we know has interiors/kitchens, etc will come too late in the year for us.