Monday, 19.04.2004

Another weekend, more aching muscles.

Lauri and Tapio, the guys who did the foundations, are also doing the concrete floor and have been working off and on the last few days. Before they could finish the floor all the underfloor pipes had to be put in place, so during the last week the sewage and water pipes were put in. But that left the radon pipe. For those who don’t have a clue what radon is, it is a radioactive gas that slowly escapes from rock. It is a problem in all houses, but especially those with a basement or foundation where there is a way for the gas to leak from the ground into the house. To avoid this there is a permeable pipe placed under the floor, embedded in the rock fill, which is then connected up through a wall and out the roof. So we had to dig a trench around the entire house, about a metre away from the wall and deep enough to bury the pipe about 5cm under the fill (the pipe is somewhere between 10-15cm in diameter).

Spring has definitely sprung now as well as it was sunny and hot on Sunday. Actually about 17 degrees, but after winter that feels like 30+ :-). In the sun it was almost unbearable, but it was a bit cooler in the house, but it didn’t make it any easier. While I dug the trench inside, Pia go on with clearing up all the offcuts around the outside. I’m not sure which would have been worse, being in the sun or digging up the rock fill.

Anyway, as I said, spring is in the air, only a little snow left in the deepest shadows and temps up to around 18 at times. The birds were doing spring things, there were bees and butterflies and rabbits running around as well. Obviously there are other things going on during the long evenings now, but I suggest that they take parking lessons before heading out again (see the pictures).

A few piccies to catch up on the goings on. From the left: water pipe leading to the well (not yet connected and has to be put in a trench yet). Water and sewage pipes in place. Radon pipe ready to be buried. Eaves on the south side completed. Eaves on the north side still being done..

Water pipe, to be installed.   Water and sewage pipes installed in rock fill.   Radon pipe, ready to be buried.   Finished eaves on the south side.   Eaves in progress.

South side of the house. All weather boards in place now. Our section to the south (to the left of the drainage ditch), just a little snow left in the shadows.

All weatherboards in place.   Spring is here!

Parking lessons required. We think someone had a little too much spring fun Friday night and almost took our powerpole out. Luckily for us they missed it and our driveway and ended up on the other side of the road.

Someone needs parking lessons.