Tuesday, 09.03.2004

Building has started!

The builder started on Monday and has done quite a lot already. We went to the section after work today to see what was going on and took a few pictures. Pia got a call this morning to say that the well has been drilled as well, so everything is happening now.

We had a chat to the builder since he was still working there at 5 tonight (its even still light at that time now too) and he said the roof trusses will go up tomorrow, so we might have to have another look after work then.

The well seems to have gone okay too. They had to drill only 60m and they said we have enough water that we could sell some to the fire brigade as well (could have been something like 3500 litres an hour water flow).

Anyway, some pictures starting with a small panorama.

Framing going up.

Another house view.   After the well drilling.   Our very own hole in the ground.