Sunday, 28.03.2004

Didn’t manage to get to the section during the week, but did make it at last on Saturday. We were expecting to have lots to clean up again, but when we arrived there was actually nothing to do!

So we spent a couple of hours taking pictures and picking up loose nails and bits of insulation fluff.

Anyway, a few changes from last week. The windows are all in place, although not all seemed to be fixed permanently yet. And the roof tiles have turned up as well. The forecast for the next few days is quite good, so hopefully that can go up as well. Although I’m not sure of the schedule for those things at the moment. All the interior insulation has been done, including the ceiling. The whole lot has been covered by plastic film.

A couple of pictures from Saturday. On the left, the roof tiles on their palates. On the right, the house from the back yard. A bit of snow/sleet during the week, so things are a little more frozen than last weekend. Everything is definitely thawing out still though. Today the temperature was up to about 7 degrees or so and it is quite hot out in the sun.

Roof tiles and roof ladder.   All the windows in place.

The current state of the interior. All insulation in place and covered by plastic and held in place by batons.

Sealed tight.