Sunday, 21.03.2004

The spring thaw has started during the last week. Rain off and on as well. So at the moment we have the water from the melting snow and the rain. Both make for lots of mud, especially around the back of the house where all the dirt and clay has been dug up. Driveway has quite a lot of loose sand as well that is quite wet, so hopefully no one gets stuck there.

Things have been happening quite fast since Thursday. The exterior of the house has already been covered in the sheeting (which really is the same as gib board) and all exterior wall insulation is in place! It’s starting to look like a real house now. The roofing isn’t in place yet, although the material covering the roof at the moment is a paper/plastic sheeting and is quite waterproof, so the interior is dry.

Spent Sunday picking up all the off-cuts and other bits of wood lying around. Also cleaned up other bits of rubbish, plastic wrapping, etc as well. It was nice not having to clear snow away, but the mud soon took the shine off that. Plus of course it started snowing again tonight :-).

Some pictures of work so far starting with a big one of the outside from the back of the house. And by the way, if you have noticed that the house looks a bit bent and curved at times the reason is the panorama software for the digital camera. The automatic Olympus software doesn’t seem to do such a good job at it. If I get around to it I’ll probably find something better.

It's a house!

From the left, looking from the road. The joys of mud. And the attic space marked in red.

Front of the house.   The joys of mud.   Attic space.

A shot of the whole interior with the insulation in place.

Interior panorama. Don't mind the curved walls!