Tuesday, 24.02.2004

The foundations have been filled in now and the drains almost completed.

It snowed all day after we uncovered the foundations, but a bit of snow won’t make any difference now. The main problem would have been if the ground was frozen when the fill went in, since that could cause some settling later. Monday and today the fill was put in and the area around the foundations cleared so that the sumps and drains could be put in place. A couple of them are still to go in and that should be most of the foundations finished. Next week the construction of the house will hopefully start.

During the coming weekend we will have to clear the snow off the exposed concrete blocks and also off the stacks of wood for the framing.

As you can see in the panorama, the inside of the foundations are filled.

Filled foundations

On the left, one of the sumps still to be done, sewage and waste water pipes as well. On the right, the back of the house with some of the polystyrene sheeting still exposed.

Sump.   Back patio, still to be filled.