Thursday, 19.02.2004

Last week we moved the polystyrene to the back of the shed and cleared the snow away from the area where they were sitting. During the next few days several loads of sand were delivered there. Must have been more snow there than we imagined. After clearing out the foundations (about 5cm) and then starting on the space for the sand we managed to wear out our lumikola. So far the body count is one shovel, one snow shovel and a snow pusher :-).

Also arriving last week were the pipes for the drainage system around the foundations. Last weekend we also made a start on chopping down the two large trees sitting in the middle of the waste water area. The snow depth around them is still about 40cm, so it made for a bit of hard going. Hopefully we can get the rest of the trees during this weekend.

During this week the foundations were finished and work started on the drains. On Wednesday the ground inside the foundations was heated to get rid of the any ice and the filling work was supposed to start straight after that. But unfortunately the excavator didn’t turn up and they can’t come until Monday. So at the moment the ground is covered in the polystyrene sheets and tarpaulins.

The pictures from Saturday, starting from the panorama.

The site so far.

The last major parts of the foundations are completed now. Last weekend the metal supports for the veranda pillars were put in place in the left most picture. The interior of the foundation was covered in polystyrene in the centre and the foundation for the carport was put in place on the right.

Finishing touches   Polystyrene interior   Carport foundations