Sunday, 22.02.2004

Did quite a few things today. First we managed to cut down the two large trees that were standing in the middle of the water drainage area. They took a bit of cutting with the chainsaw since it was quite small and the trees quite large. Both were about 6-8 metres tall. So had to dismember them before cutting down the trunk. We managed to save part of one of the trunks and it is currently doing part time work as a seat in the hut. It will probably become a chopping block at some stage.

Next we cleared up the deep piles of snow in front of the hut. The excavator is supposed to be going through there during the week and we wanted to make sure there was nothing buried there (like the power cable). Also had to clear the foundations. As mentioned previously, the steam heating was done earlier in the week and the ground covered in the polystyrene sheets and tarpaulins. So those all had to be lifted and stacked and the tarpaulins cleaned and folded. They weigh a ton as well, so it isn’t an easy job. Even managed to pull up the one still lying in the carport. It was frozen solid and half stuck in ice which made it very pleasant.

Some pictures from today with the obligatory panorama.

Work site, from driveway to hut.

The foundations themselves are now wrapped in black plastic sheeting on the outside and the base covered in tar and sheets of asphalt (left most picture). Also, the hut could do with a clean :-). And some nice parking…

   Time to sweep the floor.   Nice parking.