Saturday, 28.02.2004

Snow, snow, snow, and more snow. That about covers the last few days.

The builder is supposed to arrive on Monday, so the order of the day was to dig out the building materials from the half metre of snow covering it. Needless to say it takes much longer than we thought. Luckily though, Pia’s parents arrive during the early afternoon and help with the digging. It goes much quicker after that and we actually managed to uncover most of the wood piles. There are still some to go, but we can probably do that Monday (we have a couple of days off work).

As for building progress, the guys with the excavators have cleared some of the snow away as well, which was quite useful. They have also brought the sewage/waste water tanks as well and have started on the holes for those. They have also buried the drainage ditch that marks the boundary of the land as well, so have to mention that on Monday.

The pictures for the day starting with the panorama.

Lots more snow!

The first two pictures are the sewage/waste water tanks, not sure which is which. Third is the hole for one of them. Seems to have filled with water already. Then the freshly unburied house parts and Pia’s Mum, Lea, helping with clearing the snow.

We all live in a yellow submarine...   For when you really have to go...   Damn rabbits...   My back hurts, again.   I'm glad I didn't have to do that.