Monday, 09.02.2004

Not much to tell. We spent the whole weekend clearing the remains of last weeks snow away with the help of Petri. Weather was a bit better this weekend, about -5 or so and light winds. Even some blue sky occasionally which made it a bit more pleasant. Not that you notice the cold when you are sweating like a pig.

The result of all the pain for the weekend was that the interior of the foundations are cleared and all but one and a half sides of the outside. Everything that was lying around is cleared up as well now. And, of course, Sunday night it had to snow again…

Here are a bunch of pictures from Sunday starting with the panorama of the site.

Site panorama

And a close up of the work so far.

Foundation almost finished.

The only brickwork remaining (I think) is the load bearing area for the fireplace. I’m not sure if the carport area gets any more done to it.

Unfinished fireplace loadbearing area.   Hope the carport doesn't get this full of snow when its finished!

And a few other bits and pieces for the foreigners :-). On the left, the bricks they built the foundations out of (some kind of bead in cement, quite light). Some tools of the trade for winter, a lumikola (snow-pusher) and a studded snow tire.

A brick.   Lumikola - snowpusher   Would be lost without these. Or at least stuck a lot.