Thursday, 08.01.2004

Well, its finally started. The digging for the foundations started on Monday and there is already quite a big hole there! There is a panorama below looking towards roughly towards the south (the actual section heads down to the left of the digger) so you can see all the work so far. I took the picture on Tuesday, so they had just started, only difference now is that the hole is deeper. They are going down about 1.5 metres in total. The work on the foundations starts next week.

Also, the first of the house package arrived on Tuesday/Wednesday. We went out there after work on Wednesday to see what should be covered with tarpaulins. Seems like most of the wood is already wrapped in paper or plastic, so nothing very urgent at the moment. The rest, which isn’t covered, such as the roof trusses have obviously been stored outside for a while already and are covered in snow. So they can wait till the weekend when we can actually see what we are doing.

Today also ordered a workroom/storage place to the section, but that won’t arrive for another week at least. Decided on the fireplace as well and waiting on the offer from the house company. Also still waiting on the quote from the floor heating and air conditioning company.

The panorama is taken from about 10 metres from the road looking roughly south or southwest on Tuesday. Hopefully I can keep taking more of them from the same location in the future. As normal you can click on the picture for a larger one. But your browser probably shrinks the larger image since it is so wide. In Internet Explorer, leave the mouse over the image and when the small orange box appears at the lower right, click on it. In a recent Mozilla/Netscape, click on the image to toggle the size.

Panorama centred on south - south west. Digger is sitting in the hole for the house.