Thursday, 01.01.2004

The start of a new year and the beginnings of work on the house. Well, next week anyway. But back to the things happening over the last two weeks or so.

We had the meeting with the land registrar mid December and the details of the of the land transfer have been finalised. The land now has a name, which is “Kevätkartano” as mentioned previously. That is “Spring Mansion” in English. Since then we have survived Christmas and done a bit more tree clearing on the section. I think most of the areas that should be clear are. Maybe the waste water drainage area is still not clear quite, but close enough.

The only main thing is that it has been quite warm for several days during the last couple of weeks and everything there is really, really wet. Seems to have all turned into a bit of a swamp. We had to fill in the ditch around the power supply box to make sure it didn’t get drowned. I think it is mainly surface water though since the ground was packed hard and dry all through summer. But I guess we find out when they start digging for the foundations.