Sunday, 25.01.2004

Cut down some more trees today :-).

The contractors doing the foundations were there as well finishing things ready for the concrete tomorrow. Everything seems to be going okay. We sorted out the electricity problem too, it just involves a visit to the hardware shop before work and a bit of re-wiring.

Since we keep getting asked if there are any more trees there to cut down, I thought I’d document what we are up against. The main problem is paju — a type of willow. The stuff grows everywhere and generally grows like a bush and is nearly impenetrable down towards the back of the section. There are a few full trees of it here and there. The rest of the trees are birch and a few small pines.

Here are a few more pictures, the first is the paju, then the contractors and the heating cord they have installed in the foundations. They are also pretty handy with a saw and hammer.

Damn paju!   Working on a Sunday!  The wonders of modern science... heating cord.   Nearly a home away from home.