Saturday, 24.01.2004

The boxing for the foundations is almost finished, and with any luck the concrete will be poured early during the week. There was a bit of a cold spell during the last few days — down to -15 deg at times. That would have been a bit too cold for the concrete to set. But anything above -10 is supposed to be okay. The heating equipment for the concrete arrived Friday afternoon. I didn’t know what to expect, but we got two rolls of orange cable! Now it seems quite obvious how they keep the concrete from freezing. The cable is heating cable. It gets tied along the reinforcing and is connected to the power when the concrete is poured. It will keep the concrete warm from the inside.

The contractors asked us to get an extension cord for the cabling, but we are a bit confused over what we should get and what it should connect to in the electricity box. There are two plug types in the cabinet, normal European 2-pin 10A, or a two phase 16A 5-pin. To make matters worse, the heating cables are terminated in single phase 16A 3-pin plugs! And no-one stocks a 5-pin to 3-pin adapter :-(.

Cut down a few more trees in the waste water area today, but now that the foundations are in place it is a bit more obvious where it is located and there are two large trees in the way. A little bit bigger than I can handle with the axe, so probably need to borrow a chainsaw soon. Took the camera there again and documented the progress so far. This is a big panorama, almost a complete circle.

Jumbo panorama. Almost a complete circle.