Monday, 19.01.2004

Last weekend Pia’s parents were here and helped out at the section. They also were there on Monday and helped with the moving of the cabin and arranging the other things there. The windows arrived on Monday and also the phone guy showed up and installed our cable. During the week had to buy a few bits and pieces and do various other running around. Especially important was the tarpaulins to cover the hole where the house will go while the foundations are being done. The boxing work has been going on for the last week and will probably be finished this week. During the weekend we spent most of the time cleaning up and on Sunday moving all the snow that came during the week. Worked out that 10cm of snow (assuming 1cm snow = 1mm water) and the house area of 18m x 10m (roughly) then we shovelled around 2 tonnes of snow. Not sure if that is right, but it felt like it! Of course as soon as we finished doing that on Sunday evening it started snowing again…

Another panorama taken on Sunday. This one shows the tarpaulin covered boxing (before we moved the snow). Couldn’t take this one in the same place as the previous ones because the digger is parked there. On the left (towards the road) is the polystyrene and bricks for the foundations, on the right is the cabin.

The building site so far. Foundation boxing under way.