Tuesday, 02.12.2003

Hmmm. Been a bit slack lately and not put anything here. But anyway, some news. The building permit has arrived. And arrived to the tune of 1000 EUR too! But still, it means that everything can pretty much start now.

In the last few weeks we have done some more cleaning up of the felled trees on the land and stacked a bit more firewood. The electricity has been installed and the phone cable is on the way as well. We have had a couple of days of snow as well. Typically it only snowed on the days we actually wanted to get something done!

Still to arrive is the foundations plan. We are expecting that this week. We also had the plan by the interior designer. She has suggested a few changed that we are still thinking about. The house company doesn’t have anything against them, so we have to discuss it further and see what happens.

In the next couple of weeks there is a meeting with the county council about the start of construction and then the foundations should start. The house materials arrive the beginning of next year.

Some pictures, from left to right: Power supply, then car in driveway, ditch for power cable, view up the road, all from two weeks ago. The power supply is from end of October. You can contrast the picture along the road with this one from a couple of months ago. Don’t let the pictures worry you though. The snow has gone again and we have been back to drizzle for almost the last two weeks.

Electricity distribution box.  Snow, snow, snow   Electricity trench with snow.   More snow. Compare with summer.