Wednesday, 01.10.2003

Yesterday the approval for the driveway connection to the road arrived. That was one of the last main parts for the building permit. This week we also picked up the first version of the electricity and water/sewage plans. Hopefully we can deliver all those papers to the county council for the building permit this week.

Other things done are the house specification papers for the foundation planning. They have all been collected and sent to the planning engineer. He probably wants us to do the ground survey before he makes any detail plans though. We also arranged for the electricity connection to the section. They install the main switch box in the garden (or where ever we want to put it). This is the main electricity point for during the building and also the main box and meter point when the house is completed. For the installation of the box (3 x 25A connections) they charge us a nice round 1000 EUR. That’s the good news, the bad news is that I have to dig a trench 0.7m deep and 0.4m wide and about 10 – 15m long for them to lay the main power cable in :-(. That is probably needed in a minimum of about 5 weeks time.