Tuesday, 21.10.2003

Well, its all go again. Pia spent the last week trying to get hold of the house rep and the rakennusmestari and organise the heating info for the building permit. Now finally everyone has answered and given the information we need. Tomorrow the final paper is going to the county council. Next weekend we should hopefully get the driveway entrance constructed and the trench for the power cable. Also we decided to get the maaperätutkimus (ground inspection) done just to be sure. Once that is completed the foundations plan can be completed. And hopefully by then the building permit is ready.

Last weekend we went out to the section on Saturday and Sunday and cut up the trees that were still lying there from the previous time. Took nearly 3 hours on Saturday and another 5 on Sunday to finish them all, but we eventually ended up with a pile taller than Pia. We also managed to cut down a few more where the driveway will be going. Saturday was pretty wet at first, but dried out a bit. Sunday was mostly fine and dry and about 3 degrees, at one point there was a slight shower of snow pellets! But still pretty hot work.

Here are some pictures from the weekend, starting from left: The construction sign, the section looking south on Saturday, looking down the road on Saturday and looking north towards the road on Sunday. Finally, the end result of the weekend work.

Construction sign   Saturday, looking south.   Saturday, looking along the road.   Sunday, looking north towards the road.   The end result of all the work.

If you compare these to the summer pictures earlier you probably notice a bit of a difference!