Tuesday, 14.10.2003

Last Monday (06.10.2003) we collected up the stack of papers that we have spent weeks preparing according to the instructions we got from the county council only to find that they have changed the rules at the beginning of October.

Now they want another form completed, this one having to do with specific heat and insulation calculations for the house. We passed that one on to the rakennusmestari and he passed it on to the house company. Until that is completed they won’t go ahead with the building permit. On the good side it is supposed to be a quiet time of year and the application should only take 4 or 5 weeks once they finally start.

Also visited the property on Sunday with Pia’s brother. It was wet and only about 10 degrees, but we managed to clear up some more of the trees that have been cut down by the electricity company. Will go again next weekend as well. We probably have to clear some of the trees where the driveway is going to be and mark out where the trench for the electricity cable will go.