Saturday, 04.10.2003

Visited the section today to put up the “building” sign. All construction projects are required to place a sign up that details the builder, owner and other relevant details. The house company gave us one the other day, just a corrugated plastic thing. We were going to attach it to one of the trees on the roadside, but when we arrived there it turns out the electricity company has been along and cut all the roadside trees down. Most of them were pretty close to the power lines before, so they finally got around to doing something about it. They left all the trees just lying there, so we cleaned up a few of them and moved the other bits of wood we had cut previously to a place a bit more out of the way. Have to go out again next week to move the rest of them. While we were there one of the neighbours (from across the road) turned up to see what the noise was. He was quite happy that someone was going to move in across the road since they are only living there during summer. So it looks like winter will be a quiet time there. Only one of our immediate neighbours seems to live there all year round!

Pia talked to the rakennusmestari yesterday as well and it was agreed that we take the building permit application (and all the other papers) to the county council on Monday morning and he will go there sometime later to sign all the bits he has to sign.