Thursday, 25.09.2003

Had a meeting yesterday with the rakennusmestari and the sales person from the house company. Seems that most of the details are sorted out now and who does what is a bit clearer, but we now have a list of things to do. First the building permit needs to be delivered to the county council and then we need to arrange the electricity connection to the land for the building start. The planning for the foundations needs to be done now as well and also the initial plans for electricity wiring and water should be completed. The permit for the driveway connection has to be chased up as well. It has been over a month since we applied for that.

During the last week some more of the plans have arrived as well. The specifications for the roof trusses and the requirements for the foundations were included. The house company only completes from the foundation upwards so we need to get the foundations plans and construction done ourselves. The foundation work can start immediately after the permit is granted.

Here are a few of the pictures from our section I promised previously. This is from a few weeks ago during summer when we were clearing some of the smaller trees.