Wednesday, 13.08.2003

We went and saw the chief engineer/head planner guy yesterday. As part of the building regulations we have to employ both of these. Fortunately we found someone who can do both jobs and seems quite good. He works for the army as a civilian engineer as far as I understand, but has their permission to run his own company doing these building things. The head planner makes sure the building company did the plans correctly and helps with any design work and checks quotes. Then as the chief engineer he is responsible for keeping the builders in line and making sure there are no building mistakes as well as arranging the council inspections along with fire, electrical, etc, inspections. He already found one problem in the plans. When we converted the cupboard/toilet area into shower/toilet the architect left it as a wooden wall, it should have been changed to brick to avoid rot there later on.

Finnish lesson for the day:

Pääsuunnittelija = Head planner Vastaava rakennusmestari = Head building engineer/foreman