Sunday, 09.08.2003

Went for a bit of a visit to the section today. There are quite a lot of wild raspberries growing there, so we thought that we should pick them. Last weekend we were away and it has been pretty dry and hot, so we didn’t expect too much. But after about an hour of trampling raspberry bushes and avoiding bugs, flies and bees we managed to collect about a handful :-). Most of them were dried up or pretty disgusting looking. The rest had worms in them and there were just a few good ones scattered around.

One of the biggest surprises was that we had our first visitor! One of the guys from work and his wife had been looking at buying a terrace house in a nearby town and took the back road past our place about 15 minutes after we arrived there. They noticed our car on the way past, otherwise they wouldn’t have had a clue where to find our section.