Saturday, 07.06.2003

Well, the land is officially ours now (as of the 31st May), or the bank’s, depending on how you want to look at it.

In the end it came down to either getting a chunk of land in a small town costing about 45,000EUR for 1000sq metres. Or taking the one we did, which is 6400 sq metres for about the same price. Now the only thing left to do is figure out what to do with all the extra space :-). The choice becomes even less difficult when you find that most of the small towns in the area don’t have water or sewage connections either.

Anyway, for starters, the location.

Map of the greater Helsinki area. Click for a larger view.

The land is on the western side of the greater Helsinki area, just west of Espoo. About the same distance to work, since at the moment we are on the opposite side of town. Hopefully miss all the traffic in the mornings as well, but we will see. At the moment it takes about 45 minutes or more each morning/evening and traffic is quite often at a standstill.

The section is technically in Kylmälä, or just outside the small village of Lapinkylä and about 100m from the edge of a lake (Tampaja).

The section itself is a bit of an odd, shape, but generally seems okay. We are waiting on the ground report so that we can plan more of the building details. Once we get that we can start on the building plans, etc. We should also get an idea if it is worth installing the ground heat pump or just an air exchange system for heating the house.

Area map and section (in pink). Click for a larger view.

In the meantime here is a map of the area and a few photos of the land (thoughtfully provided by the land agents web site 🙂





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