Monday, 09.06.2003

Frustrations today. The ground inspection was supposed to happen today, but at 1pm the guy doing it called to complain that he didn’t have all the information he needed to do the study, things like the planned location of the house, etc.

The funny thing is that Pia had talked with him several times last week and asked repeatedly if he had all the documents and plans he needed and his answer every time was “yes, no problem”. Needless to say he got an earful in return. From what Pia said he was also getting his other ear filled by someone at the site, so hopefully he learnt his lesson.

On the brighter side the house agent said that they can actually do most of the building license planning for us. So we meet her next Monday. Once they do some basic plans and the land is properly sub-divided and marked then we can get the ground inspection started again.

So the things still ongoing or need to be done very soon are the lainhuudatus, asemapiirros, rakennuslupa, maaperätutkimus and the completion of the kiinnitys.

Finnish lesson for the day:

Tontti = Section Omakotitalo = Own house/Detached house Kiinteistö = Real estate Lainhuudatus = Entry to the land register / legal confirmation of possession Asemapiirros = Site plan Rakennuslupa = Building license Maaperätutkimus = Ground inspection Kiinnitys = Mortage/lien on property